Top Things I Learned Coaching Golf in 2014

2014 top listLast year I wrote a very successful post titled “Top Five Things I Learned Coaching Golf in 2013” and I wanted to take a second and document a couple of the things I learned in 2014. In no way am I indicating that I learned less this last year or that I only learned two things the entire year. I learn something every single time I’m on the practice tee. I simply want to highlight the two most important things that shaped the way I coach my players.

1. The Lateral Hip Slide

As you can imagine two of the biggest things golfers want when arriving for a lesson is to improve their ball flight and hit the ball more solidly. I realize that is very general, but it truly is the nuts and bolts of what I try to accomplish. What I’ve discovered is that some sort of lateral hip slide or hip movement towards the target is severely lacking in most amateur players. It is the reason that so many people “come over the top” or fail to get enough weight forward at impact.

What commonly occurs is an early rotation of the hips to start the downswing. This rotation starts the club down on a severely out to in path, the enemy of most slicers. By implementing lateral hip slide the club falls into a better path!

2. SeeMore Putters and SPi

If you’ve been following me this year you will know that I was able to get involved with SeeMore Putters and earn certification with the SeeMore Putter Institute. If you’re not familiar with SeeMore and SPi I advise checking out these links on my site:

SeeMore & SPi Testimonial by Dennis Rysz
SPi Putting Lesson Fit

I can’t say enough of what this has done for me and my students. The info I obtained during certification elevated my coaching to new levels. A few accomplishments earned by students after taking a putting lesson include:

  • 2 Club Championship
  • A career Low round of 66 for one student!

Too finish up…
These two things just touch the boundary of what I learned during 2014. The year was an absolute blast bringing a record number of golfers to my lesson tee. I’m very excited to see what 2015 has to offer as I continue pursuing my mission of helping people PLAY BETTER GOLF!

If you’re interested in more info on SeeMore Putters, putting lessons (available year round), or finding out how I can help you game, please let me know in the comments below. I’m happy to answer any comments or questions that may help improve your game.

How about you?
I think it would be really fun to hear what you learned this year. Use the comments area below to share the Top Thing You Learned Playing Golf in 2014. If you’d rather not, at least take a look at what other golfers have learned. Who knows? Maybe I’ll find something to put on the list for 2015!

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  • Tommy

    I Learned to make practice enjoyable (take notes) work on things that need attention. Slow down while playing and enjoy the game, course and friends while playing.Happy New Year!!!

    • Fantastic list Tommy! Taking notes is one thing I want to do a better job of this year. I’ve started to notice that I have to stumble upon things several times before I commit them to memory. If I would have just wrote them down I could have spent that time refining new skills.

      I hope your 2015 is off to a great start!

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