Are you Afraid To Play Golf Around Other People?

This title may sound odd to some of you, but I’m here to tell you it’s a common fear. I talk to golfers regularly who try to coordinate their tee times around when no one else is around. The most surprising thing, is this fear expands far wider than beginners. I wanted to write this short piece in hopes that it would give some of you the confidence to get out there and golf on your terms.

What is the big fear?

After a little research and a lot of questions, a common theme started to arise. “I’m/We’re not very good, so we don’t want to play around anyone.” This statement was repeated in some fashion over and over again. To be honest I think this fear plays some role in the pace of play issues troubling the game of golf. Routinely the starters at Westchester are begged not to pair groups together, because both sets don’t want to play in front of others.

How good do you think other golfers are?

According to a 2013 article I found on the Livestrong blog ( the true average score among male golfers is most likely over 100. I would tend to agree as I’ve spent the majority of my time at a golf course sense I was 12 years old and seen lots of golfers. This 100 barrier is why we developed our Break 100 Guarantee program to ensure every golfer is better than average.

Another thing worth pointing out is that most long-time players have no problem playing with higher handicap golfers. I’ve heard many of them comment “you don’t have to play good to play quick.” So if you are fearful of playing with “GOOD” golfers invest some time in playing efficient golf. This includes simple things like knowing where to park your cart or grabbing your putter and wedge when you miss a green. It has nothing to do with hitting consistently long straight drive.

The last thing I want to address is some feedback I got from a new player a few years back. They informed me that they felt out of place going to the golf course. It was the not knowing the lingo or procedures that prevented them from playing golf. This really resonated with me and it was a big inspiration in the creation of the Tee it Up program which is designed for the beginning golfer. Covering everything from how to check in to making sure they can complete 9 holes on their own ball.

What to take-away?

  • Play golf on your own terms, don’t let others dictate when and where you play
  • Other golfers aren’t as good as you think they are (average score is over 100)
  • There are programs available to show you all the basics

Let’s me hear from you

If you’re reading this, but don’t have a fear of playing in front of others, I need your help. Use the comments below to write something that will make new players comfortable with teeing it up on their own terms. Hopefully these words of encouragement will motivate them to get to the course and play more golf!

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