Become an Expert Escape Artist

Photo Credit:  tmolini

Photo Credit: tmolini

We’ve all faced that seemingly impossible shot on the golf course. That shot where you have to punch it under a tree or hit it out of grass that’s taller than Yao Ming. I hate having these shots and do everything during my practice sessions to prevent them, but let’s be honest, they will never go away completely. Just think back to Bubba Watson’s shot on the second playoff hole of the 2012 Masters. This is one of the top golfers in the world, competing to win a major tournament, and he has to curve it 40+ yards around a tree! The secret is being able to succeed at these shots and if you’re like me that doesn’t happen often enough.

What can we do to change that?
Practice becoming an expert escape artist. I don’t mean practice so hard you never have those shots, because that’s never going to happen. I want you to practice these impossible shots, until they become possible. Think back to your recent rounds and recreate those shots you faced. Try different techniques, ball positions, and clubs, testing what works best for your game. When it comes to these types of shots there is not one right way. Find what works best for you and put it to the test on the golf course.

Where can I practice like this?
I realize some of you may think this is a great idea, but are struggling where you can perform this type of practice. The first place that comes to mind is on the golf course. Find a time when the golf course is slow or if it’s really busy and you’re waiting on other groups. The second idea may come as a surprise. One of the local golf coaches who practices at my facility sends his players into the woods and natural grass that surround our range. This accomplishes two things, it helps the golf course recover otherwise lost golf balls and helps his players become experts under those conditions. If your local range is surrounded with trees or tall grass I highly recommend you ask them if you can hit the balls out. You will become an escape shot expert and practice for FREE!

Photo Credit:  Brian Meyer

Photo Credit: Brian Meyer

Another great thing to practice is to find an area on the golf course or range where you can have uneven lies (ball above or below your feet). Observe how the ball travels and what adjustments you need to make to create better contact on those shots. For more insight on how the ball travels off uneven lies, stay tuned for an upcoming post.

Alright, it’s your turn to head out to the course and make the impossible possible. I guarantee it will lower your scores! Please leave a comment below with your best escape shot success story. Also, if you found this helpful don’t be shy and use the share buttons. Thanks for reading.

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