4 Shots in 4 Weeks – Chip Shots Near the Green

Chip Shots Near the Green
Have you ever found yourself close to the green eyeing what should be a simple up and down for a quality par? But instead you manage to take more strokes from 10 yards than you did from 400. If so, don’t worry because you’re not alone. This is actually something that I help golfers with all the time.

To assist I shot this short video as the third installment of my 4 shots in 4 weeks series. If you’re new to the series I highly recommend reading more about it here. In video 1 we talked about how to hit the perfect bunker shot and in video 2, I showed you how to hit that fairway wood off the ground. Here is a look at video 3:

If you’ve enjoyed the series so far, and want some more hands on instruction I’m hosting a NEW clinic starting June 10th. The purpose of the clinic is to save you 4 shots in just 4 weeks. Each week will cover a different trouble shot, showing you different tips, tricks, and hacks to make you execute them without fear. Click here to learn more about the clinic and to register.

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