Do you Struggle with these Shots?

Save 4 Shots in 4 Weeks
In a previous post titled “What Shot Troubles You?“, I asked readers to tell me their most challenging shots on the golf course. In addition to the post I sent out and email and posed the same question on my facebook page. I received lots and lots of replies, but 4 particular shots kept popping up from different people:

1. The Sand Shot (green Side & 30-60 yard)
2. Fairway Woods off the ground
3. Chip Shots Near the Green
4. 30-80 Yard Pitch Shot

Are you someone who struggles with these shots? If so, I have some good news! Over the next 4 weeks starting this upcoming Monday, May 18th we’ll be embarking on a journey to save you 4 shots. Each Monday, I’ll be releasing a new article or video targeting one of these four shots. To make sure you don’t miss out, subscribe to my email list and I’ll send it your way each Monday. Click here to subscribe and receive my FREE GUIDE: The 5 Training Aids that I Use to Save My Students the Most Strokes. (If you already receive my emails there is no need to subscribe).

To make things better after the four weeks I’ll be offering a NEW 4-week clinic. Each week we’ll be discussing and practicing one of the four trouble shots. The idea is to get you shooting lower scores by saving you 4 shot over 4 weeks. The class will be held Wednesday’s from 6:30 PM – 7:30 PM starting June 10th. Golfers will have the option of signing up for sessions individually or registering for all four! Use the links below to register:

Week #1: The Sand Shot – $30 (June 10)
Week #2: Fairway Woods – $30 (June 17)
Week #3: Chip Shots Near the Green – $30 (June 24)
Week #4: 30-80 yard Pitch Shot – $30 (July 1)


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