[DRILL] Take your Game from the Range to the Course

Take your Game from the range to the courseOne thing I hear all the time is “I hit it great on the range, but when I go to the course it’s like I never practiced.” Have you ever felt this way??? If so, this drill is for you…

In my opinion this all stems from the way golf is practiced. Can you name another sport in which you practice in a completely different environment than the game is played? Have you ever seen football practiced anywhere, but a football field or basketball not on a court? NO CHANCE, but golf is practiced in a big open field, on perfect lies, with random targets that have no consequence if you miss them. No wonder all of your practice sessions go well.

What’s the solution?

The first thing you need to do is understand the difference between block and dynamic practice. I’ve outline those details in a previous post:
Practice Styles: Block vs. Dynamic

Practicing dynamically is the only way to get your game to transfer and now that you understand the difference, you may need some ideas of how to make your practice more dynamic.  Put your skills to the test by trying out this drill:

This drill is so good, that one of my student’s recently said the following:

If you’re successful at this drill than you’ll have success on the course. If you’re not successful than you know what to expect.

Do you have a drill that you want to see??

If you’re struggling with something and want to see a drill that will help, let me know using one of the following options:

1. Leave it in the comments below
2. Contact me via email
3. Send me a note on twitter @BoggsPGA using the hashtag #drilldown

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