Q&A with Josh Ep. 10: How to Hit a Fairway Wood in the Air

Welcome to episode 10 of Q&A with Josh!

Each month, I answer a viewer submitted question in my effort to help you PLAY BETTER GOLF.

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Let’s get into Episode 10, where I answer Ernie’s question on how to consistently hit a fairway in the air.


“I carry a three wood that I have not used in two years for anything other than an occasional tee shot. Using this club in the fairway is just too difficult to get up in the air. Should I be “sweeping” the ball off the turf or coming down more steeply onto the ball. Also is ball placement center or forward of center?”

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My fairway wood video from the 4 shots in 4 weeks series – http://boggspga.com/the-fairway-wood/

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