Q&A with Josh Episode 5: Quiet the Swing Thoughts

Have you ever had a million thoughts going through your head before hitting a golf shot?  In this episode of Q&A with Josh I answer a question that will help quiet your mind, and let you get down to business of executing successful golf shots.

“I just finally got to play this year and I’m off to a bad start again.  I have 1000 different swing thoughts going on.  These thoughts are all from PGA Pros, YouTube videos, books, magazines, and lessons from pros.  How do I clear this out and start simple again?”

This is an excellent question and one I see golfers struggle with quite often.  You can watch the thoughts running through their head as they stand over the golf ball.  They have no clear purpose, but instead are trying a bunch of different things hoping one sticks.

Watch the latest episode to see my drill for clearing the mind and making things simple:

Show Notes:

Every Shot Must Have a Purpose: How GOLF54 Can Make You a Better Player by Lynn Marriott & Ron Sirak

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