Q&A with Josh Episode 6: The Hip Slide Secret

All the way back in Episode 1 of Q&A with Josh I introduced something that many people believe, myself included, to be the secret to the downswing. That secret being the magic of the lateral hip drive. For more details I highly recommend checking out that episode.

Shortly, after releasing that video Vic wrote in to the show and asked the following question:

Is there secret to getting your hips to slide or move toward the target?

This was a fantastic question and I wanted to take a chance to expand upon the topic, because I feel this is such an important thing to learn. I’ve spent many hours on the lesson tee expanding upon this subject and have seen it dramatically improve the way golfers strike the ball.

Although I don’t feel there is any magic, super secret, or off-the-cuff tip I can handout, there is without question some drills you can perform that will increase your ability to slide the hip along the target line. I feature my favorite one of those drills in EPISODE 6:

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