Q&A with Josh Episode 7: Why it’s important to have a properly fit putter

Before diving in to episode 7 of “Q&A with Josh”, I wanted to thank everyone for their support of the show. The show was recently featured on the Golf Strategy School Podcast. You can listen to that episode by going here.

This would not be possible without all of the incredible questions that have been submitted over the last 6 months. To submit a new questions just head over to QuestionsForJosh.com and enter your question NOW!

In episode 7 we are going to discuss putting. Minda wrote in to the show and asked:

Why does a good quality putter make a difference in putting accuracy?

During the episode I discuss the following points:

  • What is a quality putter?
  • The importance of having a properly fit putter
  • Head style preference
  • How using a SeeMore putter WILL help alignment

Click here to learn more about scheduling an SPi Lesson/Fit and SeeMore putters.

BONUS: Read a testimonial of SeeMore putters from assistant golf professional Dennis Rysz.

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