FAQ: How do I Choose New Golf Clubs?

This post addresses a particularly popular question that I receive and more importantly an answer I couldn’t be more adamant about.

As golfers we love our toys. We’re always looking for something to give us an edge and improve our golf game. Modern golf club technology provides that perfect avenue to allow us to keep tinkering on our quest for perfection. With so many options and choices available it’s hard to decide what’s best and too make things even more complex it seems like every manufacturer has designed clubs with limitless customization. I really appreciate my players reaching out to me for advice on sorting through the madness.

The solution is really quite simple, find a certified club fitter and schedule a fitting. When shopping for the right club fitter look for ones that offer the following:

  1. Evaluation of your current equipment
    1. I hate to say it, but sometimes it’s not the arrow it is the Indian
    2. Sometimes the solution can be as simple as a change in grips.  You want to avoid anyone who is soley dedicated to selling you something new.
  2. Works with multiple manufacturers.
    1. This is an absolute must because you don’t want to find someone with a bias to put you in a certain club.  This lack of bias makes sure you get the right clubs for your game.
  3. State of the art fitting technology
    1. I would advise only using those fitters that utilize TrackMan or Flightscope launch monitors.

This is very difficult to find at any of your major retailing locations.  Often times at the large brick & mortar stores you are being fit by untrained individuals with a given bias to certain equipment.  This is not always the case, but I would certainly do my homework and ask these questions before scheduling a fitting.

Keep these things in mind before making the next investment in your golf game.  If you’re in the Central Ohio area and looking for a recommendation, I would be happy to pass on the fitters that I like to use.  Just send me an email through the contact page.

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