Give Yourself a Chance: Play from the Appropriate Tee Box

Can you answer something for me?  Why in the world would you dedicate a large portion of your time attempting something at which you have no chance of succeeding?  It really doesn’t make much sense, but every day I see golfers play from yardages that are well beyond their skill level.  I recently read an interview with Lee Trevino stating how modern courses were far too long.  Additionally, you may have heard Jack Nicklaus making a push for professional players to play a flight restricted golf ball.  His points are very interesting and to summarize, he believes that golf courses continue to be longer to challenge the best players in the world.  In this effort we have totally forgotten about the everyday player that supports the game.

What’s so wrong with playing from a shorter yardage?  Take a look at your favorite course and break it down hole by hole and see what holes really give you trouble.  I recently sat down with one of the members at Westchester and we went through the scorecard and he selected 5 holes that the distance really makes it impossible for him to succeed, even with his best shots.  The next thing we did was take those holes and recalculate the yardage if we moved him up to the next tee box.  The results were really interesting and showed a difference of only 166 yards.  The player still must execute shots and get the ball in the hole, but by shaving just a few yards he finally has a chance.  He has increased his odds of playing better and it takes less time.

Next time you go out to the golf course, give it a try and play another tee box.  What’s the worst that could happen?  You’ll have FUN!  The PGA of America and their Tee it Forward program make the following recommendations about which tees to use:

For maximum FUN, be realistic about your avg. driving distance.

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  • Problem around my area is they don’t have enough Tee boxes to play to a certain yardage , plus the guys EGOs will not let them move forward .
    Learning how to remove the ego’s and getting guys to play to their yardage is the million dollar question !
    By the way I like your writings !

    • That’s a bummer with the lack of tee boxes. Give it time and hopefully local courses will meet the necessary demands.

      You hit the nail in the head with the egos and at my facility we are starting to make strides. We have seen a huge increase in play on our first set if up tees and are installing a new set next year. The key is to bill them as fun and get away from the gender and age based personas that haunt the industry.

      The number one reason people aren’t playing is difficulty of the game. Let’s make it approachable and fun !

  • This needs to be forwarded to ALL courses across the nation , I am going to try a few different tees this year and see how much a difference it makes .

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