Hit Pitch Shots on the Clock

Do you have trouble controlling shots inside 100 yards?  Don’t be discouraged, because I have tips that will get you making confident, aggressive swings when facing those awkward distances. It is amazing that such a large population of golfers can hit it closer from 150 yards than they can from 20 yards.  Some players dread finding themselves at a distance where they have to take less than a full swing.  Players have a difficult time judging how long to make their back swing, causing the golf ball to fly short or long of their intended target.  This is truly unfortunate because it can take a well-played hole and turn it into a disaster. 

Has this ever happened to you?  We have all smashed a great drive right down the fairway followed with a perfect lay-up on a par 5, leaving you 60 yards from the hole.  A prime spot to make a birdie, right?  Not so fast, you don’t have a club that goes 60 yards.  Not to worry, just take less than a full swing.  But it’s not that simple.  How long should you make this swing?  That is different for every golfer, but I have a simple tip and practice routine to help you find out.  Next time you practice, pick out targets every 10-20 yards.  I like to pace off the distances and put a range bucket every 10-20 yards.  After you have your targets, practice hitting shots at those targets.  Now, I want you to imagine that you are surrounded by a clock.  As you hit shots, focus on where your back swing is on the clock.  The goal is to find out where on the clock you need to swing to hit 10 yards, 20 yards, 30 yards etc…

Perform the drill and get comfortable with your distances.  With a little practice you will be ready to take it to the course, and the next time you face that 60 yard shot you will know with confidence where to swing on the clock.  When you start hitting shots with confidence, you will hit it closer to the hole and the birdies will pile up.  Best of luck and see you on the lesson tee!!!

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