How Foot Spray Can Help your Golf Game

How foot spray can help your golf game
In a previous post I shared with you Why Hitting the SweetSpot is so Important.  I highly recommend reading that post to fully understand what hitting the ball off-center can do to your golf ball.  Today, I wanted to share a quick tip that I use to determine where my players are hitting the ball on the club face.  This technique is employed by several of the best golf professionals in the world.  The best part is it’s simple, cheap, and can be purchased at any drug store.

What is this magical substance?  Dr. Scholls Odor X Foot Spray

Dr. Scholls

Simply spray Odor X Spray on you club face and begin to track results.  Watch it in action:

Not sure what to do with your results?  Contact me or give me a call at (614) 834-4653 and I’ll be happy to help.  Also, if you’d like more inexpensive training aids just like this, download my FREE guide:  The 5 Training Aids that I Use to Save My Students the Most Strokes.

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