How to Play More Golf Even if you Don’t Have Time

How To Play More Golf Even If You Don't Have Time

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Do you love to play golf, but feel like you just don’t have enough time? Are you certain you would play better if you played more often? I hear this a lot and I can personally sympathize with what you’re saying.

I realize that many of you reading this figure that I play just a ton of golf. I work at a golf course, in which one of the perks is FREE golf. Sadly, I’m like a lot of you and I don’t feel I have the time. Studies have shown that one of the top reasons people don’t play more golf is time. I always think if I have enough time to play golf, then I could be teaching a lesson or spending more time with my family. Although that may be true, I could certainly find more time for golf.

This frustration got me thinking and talking with others on how I could play more golf. I was able to come up with three immediate actions I could take to play more golf this season. In italics below each action is an idea I’ve had and I would love to hear your feedback. If any of these ideas sound interesting to you, please leave a comment below or contact me via email. Your feedback will really assist me in developing some completely unique and exciting ideas for the players I coach.

Immediate Actions for More Golf

1. Join a Golf League
Golf leagues combine the fun, social, and competitive sides of golf, making them the perfect mix. Even better, having the weekly commitment on your schedule will force you plan around it and make excuses.

*Idea from the Pro: Would you be interested in joining a playing lesson league? My thought is to organize a league in which I played with the students, coaching them around the course and getting to know their games better. This would help us better target your practice and improve your game on the course. Please leave a comment below saying, “I would be interested in more information on this league” or shoot me a message.

Since writing this I’ve created 3 leagues based off my idea above. Learn more about the JBPGA Learning Leagues.

2. Plan a Golf Trip
There are so many affordable destinations to play some terrific golf courses. Trips can be a great way to find time for friends and create stories for a lifetime. Sprinkle in several rounds of golf and you’re killing two birds with one stone.

*Idea from the Pro: I’ve been thinking about planning an off-season trip for golfers I know. This would be an all-inclusive getaway in which we would play golf and work on everyone’s game. This would be a great opportunity to get away during the cold months. I’ve found some spectacular packages with some ridiculously low prices. Please leave a comment below saying, “I’d be interested in attending this trip” or shoot me a message.

3. Make Golf a Part of your Business
The golf course is a great place to network for your job. The beautiful and casual environment bring a peace that you can’t find in an office. Plus, there is something special about sneaking out of the office to play a round of golf. Check out this article from the Economist, Golf and Business: Why Golfers get Ahead.

*Idea from the Pro: My first two ideas are examples of how I want to make golf a part of my business. Another thought I had was reserving a tee time every month and inviting everyone on my email list to join me for a round of golf. The first three golfers to respond every month could join me for a fun & social round of golf. Please leave a comment below saying, “Hey Josh, I’ll join you for a round of golf!” or shoot me a message.

Thanks for taking the time to read this post. Let’s take action and implement these strategies to play more golf. Please use the share buttons to spread the word and involve your friends. Also, thanks in advance for the feedback on my ideas. I’m going to use this info to plan some awesome opportunities for my students!

See you on the #1 tee?!?

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  • Aaron Lewis @arodlewis

    All good ideas

    • Thanks for the feedback Aaron. I really appreciate it!

  • Howard Lyon

    I’d like to be invited to the monthly tee time. I may be interested in the golf trip depending on the specifics.

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