Meet Josh


Hello, I’m Josh Boggs a PGA Golf Professional with a mission to help you PLAY BETTER GOLF! If you’ve ever asked yourself:

  • How can I be more consistent?
  • How can I put it all together in the same round?
  • How can I make the game less frustrating?
  • How can I hit it further?
  • Why do all my clubs go about the same distance?
  • How do I shoot lower scores?

Or you just want to have more fun at the golf course.

…You’re in the RIGHT place!

Here’s How I Help You

After watching thousands of golf swings and talking to hundreds of golfers it’s very clear that quick swing tips just don’t work.  To be honest they confuse more golfers than they help.  I’m a big believer in understanding the cause and effect relationships that make the golf ball fly and roll the way it does.  I take this knowledge and research and present it in an easy to understand format to each of my players.  I do this for ONE reason:


How can I expect you to commit to doing something different, if you don’t understand why you need to make the change?  My experience shows that golfers who understand their path to improvement, play better faster.

Instead of aimlessly applying quick fixes you saw reading articles in the latest golf magazine or while watching golf on TV…

…let me use my expertise and experience to develop a plan specific to your game.  A plan you understand and are excited to execute.

Are YOU ready to get started? Call (614) 834-4653, schedule a lesson, or send me a video of your swing.

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About Me

Head Shot

I am a graduate of the New Mexico State University and their PGA Golf Management Program. Shortly after graduation I was hired as the Head Professional at Westchester Golf Course, at the young age of 22. I have now served in that position for five years, gaining experience very rare for someone my age.

I have a strong passion for developing golfers and have had the opportunity to work with players of all ages and skill levels. I’m a goal based coach, centering all of my training around accomplishing the specific goals of my players. To enhance my coaching I have become certified by US Kids Golf and the SeeMore Putter Institute. Additionally I’ve served as the Varsity Assistant Golf Coach for the Canal Winchester Girls Golf Team for four seasons.

I was introduced to the game by my Grandfather and became instantly obsessed. Since that time I have spent most of my time around the golf course and when it came time to choose a career, I saw no other option but golf. I have transformed my obsession for playing the game into improving the games of others. There are few things better than watching one of my students accomplish their goals.

If you want to learn more about how get players to accomplish their goals, all you have to do is enter your email below and click sign me up!

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