Use Motivation to Improve your Golf Game

Use Motivation to Improve your Golf GameCan you name a time when you’ve been extremely motivated to complete a task? Possibly a deadline to finish a project at work or get something done around the house for a big party. Have you ever stopped to ask yourself why those deadlines exist?

In my opinion things like deadlines exist to tap into the way we are wired to behave. I recognize that some people procrastinate more than others, but when things get down to the wire we have an amazing ability to get seemingly impossible task complete.

I recently finished a book titled Rework (YES I DON’T ONLY READ GOLF BOOKS) , where the author points out the importance of not scheduling yourself too much time to perform any certain task. In it he suggest that if you give yourself 4 hours to complete something it will take you 4 hours, but if you would have given yourself 2 hours you would have finished it in two. This is something I can definitely relate too.

This got me thinking. How can I use this knowledge to better motivate the golfers I work with? During my research I came across David McClelland’s Learned Needs Theory. McClelland says that, regardless of our gender, culture, or age, we all have three motivating drivers, and one of these will be our dominant motivating driver. This dominant motivator is largely dependent on our culture and life experiences.

David McClelland's Learned Needs Theory

Which one of those categories do you fall in? Personally, I think I fall into the POWER category.

I think recognizing which category you fall into can really help you improve your game. For example, somebody falling into the AFFILIATION category may want practice his game working with others. They would really excel in team competition like scrambles or anything with partners. A person falling into the ACHIEVEMENT category may want to look into programs and opportunities with quick scoring. They should play games against themselves and monitor their results on previous performance.

I kept these 3 elements in mind when designing my Biggest Loser Challenge.  Elements of the challenge will tap into each dominant motivator to discover which one works best for each participant.  This knowledge will be vital in guaranteeing the success during the program.  Our goal is to have the participants highly motivated to earn the crown of BIGGEST LOSER.  Click here if you would like to join the challenge.

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