My Go-To Drill for Improving your Ball Striking

One of the most rewarding feelings as a golf coach, is when you hear the excitement of someone you just taught to hit the golf ball solid. They often remark “that’s how it supposed to feel!” It really holds so true, and it inspired me to write this post a few weeks back – Why Hitting the Sweetspot is so Important.

As I’m sure you can admit, obtaining that feeling is not so easy. It takes improving select skills that don’t come naturally. The most important of the skills being the ability to control one low point. Not sure what low point is? Check out Episode 3 of Q&A with Josh where I discuss the #1 swing thought for high handicap golfers.

I recorded this drill to help you practice and improve controlling your low point:

Do you have something your struggling with? Do you need a drill? Send a tweet to @BoggsPGA using the hashtag #DrilDown.

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