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I am excited to announce my new partnership with  I will be recommending this comprehensive tool to all of my students to allow us to easily create their own Improvement Game Plan.  I have used this blog in the past to stress the importance of a developing a game plan with real and achievable goals:

Set Real Goals to Achieve Real Success
Golf in 2012:  Have you Developed your Plan?

This new tool will allow those students who truly want to be on the fast track to improvement to SET, TRACK, and EVALUATE those goals.  The beauty of this partnership is that any of my students registering for the eGolfplan service will be able to add me as their coach; that way, their data will be visible to me and I can add information from our lessons and design a CUSTOM IMPROVEMENT PLAN for each student.  The best part is that we can track that plan and measure our success.  My hope is that through the combination of my coaching and the eGolfplan system, each student will have a clear image of where they are headed as a player.  This will allow them to commit to their improvement and success!

The fee to add eGolfplan and accelerate your improvement process is $39.95 for the first year, and $29.95 for each subsequent year.  I invite you to check out the website for detailed information on what’s include with the service.  I feel this performance tool is a reflection of my beliefs on what it takes to achieve success on the golf course.  It is easy to talk about a game plan and practice recommendations, but the ability to reference that information and track the progress is invaluable.  Using eGolfplan makes the game-planning process simple.

To register for your own account visit and select sign up under the Individual Plan.  Once registered, follow these 3 simple steps to add me as your coach:

1.  Log on to egolfplan account
2.  Go to Coaches Tab
3.  Select a Coach (map of US will come up) just click on Ohio and select Josh Boggs.

I look forward to what the addition of this service can add to the performance of my students.  See you on the lesson tee!!


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