[Two Minute Read] Are you guilty of this???

Are you guilty of this
Let me start out by telling you a quick story, about a lesson I had recently. The session was going great, so well that within 3 swing the golfer was hitting it better than he had in months. There was not talk about the swing plane or any suggestion of placing the club here as opposed to somewhere else. I simply asked the golfer to make the ball start to the right of the target. I gave no instruction as to how, just that simple request. VOILA, beautiful golf shots!

Then the strangest thing happened…

The golfer turned around and asked me about where his club should be placed during the takeaway. I’m all for my players asking questions, but this came out of nowhere. Sadly, this is something I run across all of the time and one of the reasons people practice but never get better. They are pursuing a perfect looking swing instead of a swing that delivers results. Take a look at the picture below:

Perfect Golf Swing

All 3 of these swing deliver massively successful results, but look dramatically different. What a perfect example of function over form! It’s my opinion that we spend way too much time focusing on the difference between these 3 swings, instead of the similarities. It’s time we focus on having a swing that shoots lower scores, not a swing that looks good on video.

Do I teach positions? Do I give technical swing advice? Absolutely, but only when it’s necessary to deliver the desired result of my students. Do not misunderstand my intent in writing this post. I think working on different positions in the swing can be extremely beneficial, but only when it’s geared towards achieving a result.

Here’s my challenge to you, in the comments below let me know WHAT you’re working on in your swing and WHY you’re doing it. I can’t wait to chat with you about your game.

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