4 Shots in 4 Weeks – The Pitch Shot

The Pitch Shot
For the final video in the 4 shots in 4 weeks series I discuss the ever important 30-80 yard pitch. If you missed the first 3 videos from the series you can check them out here:

The Sand Shot
The Fairway Wood
Chip Shots Near the Green

Why is the pitch shot so important?
I feel this is one shot that separates good players from really good players. Although putting is an important skill, hitting the ball close to the hole negates any putting advantage.

In this video I walk you through a process for eliminating the guess work with your pitch shots. After implementing this strategy I guarantee you will become more confident from these yardages and significantly reduce the proximity you are from the hole.

If you enjoyed this video and want a more in-depth approach to the 30-80 yard pitch shot, I invite you to join me for week 4 of my Four Shots in Four Weeks Clinic. We’ll cover the topic covered in this video as well as dive deep into the technique to appropriately execute these shots. Registration and details on the clinic can be found here.

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