Preparing for the Golf Season

The golf season in Ohio is just around the corner and will be here before you know it.  When the weather breaks everyone will be ready to dust off the clubs and make it to the course.  Typically, what happens is we spend our first couple rounds and practice sessions shaking off the rust.  Wouldn’t it be nice to start the season with an improved golf game?  The answer is simple but how can you do this and do it inside?  Simple, improve your putting.  The putting green is where we spend most of our time on the golf course and the least amount of time practicing.  Take the time and work on your putting stroke at your home or office.  Here are three simple indoor putting drills that will improve your stroke and feel around the green:

1.  Putt to a penny.  Place a penny on the carpet and practice trying to land the ball on top of it.  The cup will look huge when you finally play golf.

2.  Band Aid Drill.  Take two band aids and place them on either side of the sweet spot of your putter. Now when you practice your putting, if you do not hit the ball correctly you will notice the ball doesn’t go as far and feels differently coming off of the putter.

3.  Phone Book Drill.  Put down two phone books on either side of your putter and practice hitting putts without hitting the phone books.  This will help with alignment and keeping your putter on plane.

Try out those three drills at home and watch your putting improve.

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