Q&A with Josh Episode 2: Creating a Practice Routine that Works

In this episode of “Q&A with Josh”, I tackle a question that can help all golfers get more out of their practice. The answer identifies resources to utilize when deciding what areas to practice and lays out my 5 step process to maximize skill development.

What percentages of a practice routine should be scheduled for the different parts of the game (driving, irons, wedges, chipping, putting)?

Show Notes:

Book Recommendations – “Lowest Score Wins” by Erik J. Barzeski & Dave Wedzik and “Every Shot Counts” by Mark Broadie.

My 5 Step Process –
1. Identify skill deficiency
2. Find method/drill, practice routine to improve deficiency
3. Create baselines
4. Execute
5. Reevaluate

Sample 60 minute practice routine by Andrew Rice – Sixty Minutes of Quality Practice

Additionally, I’ve wrote several post about practice and wanted to include those for your reference.

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Practice Styles: Block vs. Dynamic
Practice Styles: It’s Time to Execute and Implement
Create a Golf Swing Journal

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