Q&A with Josh Episode 3: #1 Swing Thought

The question for this episode really got me thinking…

“If you could choose just one key swing thought for a high handicapper , what would it be?”

The premise sounds simple, but the answer could go so many different ways. As you can imagine high handicappers could have a variety of swing thoughts to help them play better. After much deliberation I finally settled on the perfect swing thought. Improving this skill will lead to a lower handicap guaranteed. What is it? Watch the video and find out…

Show Notes:

Articles mentioned during the episode –
Low Point by Adam Young
Centered Pivot: One Secret to Better Contact

If you’re looking for another great video discussing low point, I highly recommend watching this video from PGA Professional, Jason Sutton – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v-sKfcCjnIc.

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