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Putting is a fantastic dimension of the game of golf.  What other club in a golfers bag can vary so vastly from player to player.  We can have blade or mallet styles, lengths varying from 33 to 48 or more inches,  varying lofts, weightings and leading edge technology.   With all of this emphasis on the physical putter itself, why does there seem to be so little focus on the  act of putting itself?  After all, putting accounts for roughly 40% of the average golfers strokes during a round yet I rarely see a golfer work on their putting with the exception of hitting a few 10 footers on their way to the first tee.

I have always been fascinated with the scoring game around and on the green surface.  Unlike the traditional full golf swing every short game shots stance, lie, distance and shot type are very different and a combination of finesse and feel are required for any type of successful shot.   Chances are if you have received any type of golf lessons it was most likely structured around the full swing.  Roughly 90% of all golf lessons are based on the full swing which means that only a small fraction of golfers are dedicating a tiny portion of their golf development to the shots inside 50 yards, especially putting.

This lack of emphasis on the shortest part of the short game led me to The SeeMore Putter Institute in the first place.   SeeMore is the only company I have found that focuses solely on the putting aspect of the game in both equipment and instruction.  The underlying principles of SPI are extremely simple yet their implementation can make a better putter out of anyone.  SeeMore’s main focus is to get the player into a proper and repeatable putting stance.  This allows the player to make the same putter stroke from putt to putt, hole to hole, round to round.  Being in a proper putting stance also allows the golfer to easily and naturally swing the putter head on a slight arc and release the putter head through impact.  Once the player is in the proper stance with a proper ball position half of the battle is over.  From here any alterations to the many factors of the putting stroke will be much easier to practice and implement into ones game through instruction.

SeeMore’s system goes far beyond just getting the player into a proper putting position.  It addresses all other factors involved in putting from grip, tempo and alignment.  Only when all of these dimensions are starting to sync  will you start making more putts. With very simple technologies SPI can help all players regardless of skill level learn how to give themselves the best possible chance to hole every single putt.  Even making only 2 or 3 more putts a round can have a huge effect on scores and more importantly your confidence with the flat stick.

I personally tried the SeeMore system on my own game.  My golf buddies and myself consider me to be a very good putter but the results were very eye opening.  I had a fairly consistent incorrect stroke with my own putter, as we found out, a slightly inside to outside push that due to my hand eye coordination allowed me to putt fairly well most of the time.  However, when my timing or alignment was slightly off I would become totally lost on the course and generally miss most of my putts to the right.  After only a few minutes with a SeeMore putter and some work on my posture and alignment my results were astounding.  I was now utilizing a industry standard inside to inside arc and it felt completely natural and unforced even though it was completely foreign to me.  The numbers also showed a vast improvement in terms of face angle and alignment to my target.  With only those few minutes of instruction I was sold on SeeMore.  The system is simple, easy to use and the results do not lie.  I would strongly encourage every golfer, regardless of how good of a putter you believe you are, to at least try stroking a few putts with a SeeMore putter and explore what it could it could do for your own game.  Most golfers dedicate a significant amount of their time to practice and instruction of their long game.  If you really want to play better golf and shoot better scores you need to also dedicate time to becoming a better putter as well.

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Dennis Rysz |

Dennis is entering his 4th season as an Assistant Golf Professional at Westchester. Click here to take a look at other post written by Dennis.

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