Don’t Shut Down Your Game for Winter

Don't Shut Down Your Game for Winter
It’s happening like it does every year, the leaves changed colors and it was pretty…

Then all the leaves fell off the trees :-(

Along the way the temperatures continue to drop and golf exits the mind, not to return until the first signs of warm weather in the spring. Unfortunately, this cycle and attitude are placing you at a severe disadvantage when it comes to making progress on the golf course.

That being said I think it’s a good idea to take a little break from the clubs from time to time, but to walk away all together for 3+ months, and then expect to pick up where you left off is just silly.

To help you out I put together this list of 5 things to do, that will help you PLAY BETTER GOLF while not leaving you burnt out.

1. Read Golf Books

Mark Twain Quote

Just about everything you want to learn about the game of golf can be found in books. When searching for golf books to read over the winter, I don’t advise looking for anything that discusses technique in detail. Rather I look for books that help you design a plan for the next season. These could range from books to help your mental game or about how we learn new skills. Also, I like to look for anything that has actionable items like drills.

If you’re really smart and want to get the max value from the things you read, I advise making notes on everything you find useful. That way when you get back to the course in the spring you can quickly find things to put into action.

If you’re looking for a list of books to get started, check out my list of favorite golf books.

2. Take Instruction


The off-season is a great time to make big changes in your swing. It’s very difficult in mid-summer to make a change because we all want to get out and play. The pressure of being on the course forces us back into old habits, and can make our swing changes take longer. The off-season is a great opportunity to focus on certain items and dedicate the proper time to making the change.

Want help from me in the off-season? Sign up for an online lesson.

Are you not sure what an online lesson entails? No worries, I recorded a video to give you a behind the scenes look. Click here to watch.

3. Mirror work

If you live in a cold weather climate I realize that practice facilities can be limited during the off-season, but I have one suggestion that can really help. Find a mirror and practice making swing in that mirror.

Find a large mirror in your house and start making swing from different angles. Don’t have the room to swing a club? Mirror work can still be very effective without a club.

This form of visual feedback does wonders in the learning process. In my opinion it’s more valuable than viewing your swing on video, because the results are in real-time. I recommend playing around with different movements and feels and watching what that actually looks like in the mirror. This can really help you grab control of your golf swing.

4. Fitness

Are you looking to get in better shape? You may as well benefit your golf game at the same time.

The crew at the Titleist Performance Institute AKA. TPI have an incredible library of exercises available at no charge online:

5. Set goals and design a practice plan

The players I work with that have the most success our those with a specific list of goals that are carried out with clear plan. Recently, I wrote a post about how to create your Blueprint for Success on the golf course. You can read that post HERE.

Also, I created a FREE worksheet for you to use when creating your own plan. Click here to download the worksheet.

Final Thoughts

Don’t be one of those folks that puts their clubs away. Make the most of this off-season and have your buddies asking “who is this guy?”, when you tee it up in the spring.

Use the comments below to tell me what you’re going to do for you golf game this off-season.

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