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During a round of golf, putting accounts for 40% of strokes, but nationally only 6% of lessons given are on putting.  Josh looked at these statistics and thought two things.

1. As a coach, I need to take putting more seriously and do what I can to bring tour quality instruction to my students.

2. Golfers looking to lower their scores, need to put a serious emphasis on putting.

To address these issues, Josh enrolled in the SeeMore Putter Institute and became an SPi Certified Putting Instructor.  The expertise he gained has equipped him to offer tour quality putting instruction to all of his students.  He can easily pin point critical flaws, introducing his students to a simple system that improves their stroke, and gets them making more putts.


Accompanying the instruction, Josh addresses the importance of a properly fit putter.  It is vital that a players putter have the proper lie, length, and loft to develop a repeatable putting stroke.  A shocking number of golfers have improperly fit putters causing inconsistencies in their stroke.  Using SeeMore’s fitting principals, Josh ensures that all of his students have the proper putter for optimum success on the putting green.  During a fitting Josh uses state of the art technology, employing a SwingByte to measure metrics like path, shaft lean, loft at address and impact, face angle and more – all done through easy to understand graphics and 360 degree rotation.

Are you ready to take your putting to the NEXT LEVEL?

Contact Josh to schedule your personal Lesson/Fit session.  The price for a 60 minute Lesson/Fit is $50, including a 10% discount on any SeeMore Putter purchased.

Exciting Bonus, Lesson/Fits can be performed indoors and are available year round!

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