Why Hitting the Sweetspot is so Important

Every golfer at some point has been told they need to hit the ball on the sweetspot.  Why is that so important?  Sure it contributes to more distance and a more consistent ball flight, but I think it’s important to understand why that’s the case.  This understanding can not only help you hit the sweetspot more often, but help you self diagnose when you have an off center strike.

First a little background, research has shown us that there are four factors that influence how the golf ball travels.

1. Club Speed
2. Club Face Orientation (ie. where the club face is pointing at impact)
3. Club Head Direction
4. Centeredness of Contact (ie. where on the club face you make contact with the ball

In favor of keeping this post short and to the point, I invite you to read a very well written piece by Andrew Rice offering more details on these four factors.  Click here to take a look at Andrew’s Article – Ball Flight – What you Need to Know.

The focus of my piece will be on improving/understanding the effect of #4 Centeredness of Contact.  Where the ball is hit on the club face plays a pivotal role on how the golf ball will fly.  First, let’s just say that modern golf club technology is absolutely amazing, making it pivotal to know where you are making contact with the ball.  I’ve seen many off center hits result in playable shots but fail to maximize distance.  Additionally, I’ve seen many players misdiagnose an off-center strike for another swing error.  To better understand off-center strikes and their effect on golf club as well as the effect on the flight of the ball, I’ve include two excellent videos courtesy of Mark Anderson, PGA & TrackMan explaining Gear Effect.  These videos clearly demonstrate what happens when ball is struck on the heel or toe and high or low on the club face.

What I enjoy most about these videos is how they demonstrate an off-center strike ability to produce a ball flight that is completely opposite of the swing made by the golfer.  This is the reason it’s so important to know and understand where you are making contact on the face.  This knowledge is pivotal in making decisions on how to improve your golf swing.

Do you know if your slice or hook is caused by and off-center strike?  If not, give me a call at (614) 834-4653 or click here to book a lesson online.

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