Swing At ‘Em Video Swing Analysis

All of my lessons in 2011 will feature video analysis from swing at ’em golf app.  The app will allow me to record my students swings and show them where they can improve their games.  I will be able to organize by student, and track progress through a series of lessons.  A neat feature of the program is the ability to draw shapes that will help student relate to the proper positions in the golf swing.  This will be a great asset for all of the visual learners.  Maybe the most exciting feature is the ability to email and post the swings of my students.  This will provide a tangible feature to your personal golf lesson.  The ability to take your swing home and review it on your own, will add so much value to the lesson.  Students will even be able to post the swing videos on facebook and show their friends all the progress they are making.  I am looking forward to get this started on the lesson tee!!

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