Patience and fundamentals thru Josh has done wonders for my game. He taught me how to manage my game and because of that my handicap has been cut in half!  I love golf now and can’t get enough.

Brad G.

Thank you for a great “5 lesson pack” this fall.   You showed me why I was slicing, adjusted my grip and taught me how to get to get my swing on plane with an inside to out motion.  The last time I played I was striking the ball much more consistently.  My good shots were better, bad shots not as bad and I even had a draw on some of my irons.

Looking forward to getting back with you in the spring.


Josh – Thanks for the lesson. After hitting just a few balls you discovered significant problems with both my set up and my swing. The swing changes you recommended were rather dramatic and have not been easy to get comforatable with. However, after a few weeks of practicing and playing I am now hitting the ball more solidly and straighter, and with more consistency. You made golf fun again. I look forward to continuing our professional relationship.

Jim H.

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