4 Shots in 4 Weeks – The Fairway Wood

The Fairway Wood | 4 Shots in 4 Weeks
I’m happy to share the second post in the series aimed at saving you four shots in four weeks. You can check out the first post covering bunker play here.

If you’re new to the series I invite you to read more about it by clicking here.  Also, be sure to subscribe to the email list and I’ll deliver each part straight to your inbox every Monday morning.

In talking to golfers I’ve found that many are satisfied with their iron play, but when it comes to the fairway woods off the ground it’s a totally different story. To help I put together this short video:

If you enjoyed this video and would like to have some more hands on instruction with this topic, I’ve got the perfect solution. Starting June 10th I’m holding a NEW clinic called 4 Shot in 4 Weeks. Over a four week period we’ll cover the most requested shots, including how to execute that perfect fairway wood. If you’d like to find out more information or register, just follow this link: https://westchester.rtphq.com/save-4-shots-in-4-weeks/.

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