The Golf Swing Y

When teaching juniors to play something I often point out is the Y in the golf swing.  This provides them with a visualization of how to make a proper golf swing.  What I have realized is that this something I need to point out to most of my students.  Many players have a very disconnected swing.  This prevents them from achieving the distance and accuracy that they seek to achieve.

Some of you may be wondering “what Y in the golf swing?”  The best way to explain it is to show you:

Can you see the Y shape that your two arms and the shaft of club makes at address?  That shape is found throughout the golf swing.  Not only will you see you this at address but that shape should stay in tact until you reach hip high in your back swing

The Y will return during your down swing and be very prevalent at the impact position

After impact you will need to maintain that position during your follow through

The backswing and the follow through are the areas where I most commonly see the Y broken.  Amateur players have a tendency to hinge their wrist too early in their backswing.  This prevents them from achieving any sort of swing arc and results in a loss of distance.  Another issue is in the follow through.  Players do a variety of improper things while contacting the ball.  Some individuals break their wrist attempting to scoop in the air.  Like I tell my students the ball does not need help getting in the air, that is why the club has loft.  Players need to focus on driving through the ball making a good clean divot with their irons that is in front of the ball.  Maintaining the Y will help players keep their hands in front of the ball providing them with more solid and consistent contact.

So next time your are on the practice, please make sure and see if you have the Y in your golf swing!

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