The not so Dreaded Off-Season

Unfortunately, this season’s days for golf are numbered in Central Ohio.  This does not mean you should lock away the clubs and put golf out of your mind.  The off-season is your best opportunity to improve.  Remember the 7 P’s: Proper Preparation Prevents Poor Performance.  What is a better opportunity to prepare than a few month break?
Use this time to expand your knowledge of golf and the golf swing.  Read books or many of the awesome golf blogs out there; so much free and invaluable knowledge is available.  Watch the Golf Channel for shows like “The Golf Fix” with Michael Breed.  When studying these materials, PLEASE do not assume that everything you read and see is wrong with your swing.  Use this material to understand the CAUSE and EFFECT of everything throughout the golf swing.  Really focus on the simple stuff like fundamentals.  One thing I have noticed as I teach more golf lessons is that my own game continues to improve.  How can this be?  I play less golf than ever, and sadly I am rarely able to practice.  I firmly believe that I now know more about my golf swing and have developed solid fundamentals.  Like I say in my teaching philosophy, the error in any golf swing can usually be traced back to some error in fundamentals. 
I invite you this off-season to really become a student of the game and learn your fundamentals.  Understanding the grip, alignment, and posture will prove to be critical in your advancement as a player.  Use all of your new-found knowledge when observing other players to identify the flaws in their swings.  However, I would advise you to keep your thoughts to yourself unless asked by the other player.  After obtaining all of this  knowledge, start the 2012 golf season by taking a golf lesson with your local PGA Professional.  The lessons I love to teach are when the student has done their homework and can truly understand the process of improving their golf swing.  This allows you to skip the why and just work on the how.  Golf is like most things in life – it doesn’t hurt to have a little background knowledge.  Thanks for reading and see you on the lesson tee!
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  • Josh,

    What do you in the winter time to build additional knowledge? As a teaching professional, I’m always looking for new places to go and learn things.


  • John,

    Great question. The first thing I do during the year is list information that comes up during my lessons or ideas of things that I may be interested in adding to my lesson package. Once the season ends and I have more time, I review these items and look at different places to research them online. I have found through twitter and additional golf blogs a wealth of information. There is so much free info online I really don’t believe one needs to go much further. The important thing is verifying the credibility of that info.

    Additionally, as a PGA Pro I have the option of attending some great seminars within my section. Last year I had the opportunity to attend a session about golf fitness that was fascinating. This off-season I plan on attending one about teaching with technology. I would also like to find some info on club fitting and the possibility of adding that to my teaching portfolio. Thanks again for the question.


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