What Shot Troubles You?

I’ve been real passionate about helping people PLAY BETTER GOLF for awhile now, and I’m always looking for new and better ways. To start this year I decided one way to help was to start taking this blog more seriously. So I made the commitment to bring weekly content and emails aimed at helped golfers play better (Not on the email list? Click here to subscribe).

Why make this commitment?

It was time to align my effort with my passion, and provide VALUE to those who are willing to put in the effort. It can be summed up quite simply, the golfers I have worked with the past 5 years have taken my business from nothing to something I’m truly proud of. The people deserved more.

I want to bring you more

I’ve come to realize that golfers have SPECIFIC problems. They face shots on the golf course, that ruin their rounds. Have you ever thought “if I could just hit [insert the shot] here I might actually post a decent score?” You’re not alone and I want to help.

What shot is holding you back?

Green side Bunkers?
Long Putts?
The flop shot?
3-wood off the ground?

Take this as your opportunity to unload your biggest FEARS, PAINS, and STRUGGLES on the course. I’m gonna take this information to create post, programs, videos, etc…

How do you share?

1. Use the comments area below
2. Send me an email.
3. Send me a tweet – @BOGGSPGA

Your excuses have been eliminated. ACT NOW and let’s solve your problems together!

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