What’s my Specialty?

The other day I was asked a very simple but also complex question by an individual interested in becoming a client.  He asked, “What is your specialty?”  On the surface this question doesn’t seem like much, but it kind of got me thinking.  Sure, I like the way I teach the short game.  It makes tons of sense to me and it’s easy for me to convey to clients, but would I call it my specialty?  I just don’t know.  Personally, I am an extremely accurate driver of the golf ball.  Does that mean this is my specialty?  Once again it just doesn’t fit.  I did my best to answer the question, explaining what I thought I taught well and how I was always learning new things about the golf swing.  The gentleman decided to take the lessons, but I really wasn’t satisfied with my answer.

After some thought and personal evaluation, here is how I would define my specialty.  The goal of every teacher/coach is to improve the performance of his or her players.  Can this be done by teaching every one of them the exact same thing?  No, it can’t even be done by teaching certain things the same exact way.  As a teacher, I am required to adapt to the different learning styles of each of my students.  This is the challenge and what makes me in many ways more of a coach than a teacher.  I must look at each student as an individual and make their weakness my specialty.  Many times, that involves improving their mental game and course management skills and has nothing to do with how to hit their driver straight.  If you look at it this way, the question “what’s my specialty” is really quite simple.  My specialty is “improving player enjoyment on the golf course.”  You may ask why I chose enjoyment over other words like performance.  I feel enjoyment is all-encompassing.  Believe it or not, not every student comes to me looking to lower their scores.  Many people just want to have more fun and when it is all said and done that’s what it’s all about.

Thanks for reading and see you on the lesson tee!!!

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