Who Else Wants to be More Consistent Off the Tee? PART 1

Who Else Wants to Be More Consistent Off the Tee Part 1Have you ever thought that your golf game could be much better if you could just be more consistent off the tee? Maybe it’s gotten so bad that you don’t even hit your driver, and instead tee off with some combination of 3-wood, hybrid, or maybe even 4 iron. If so, I can promise you’re not alone and I’m writing this series of articles to help you out.

BEFORE we get started, I think we should ask ourselves a very important question…

What makes a shot consistent?

The dictionary definition says that something is consistent when it’s unchanging over a period of time. How can we apply this to your golf swing? I can think of two things that if unchanged over time would produce a similar/predictable result:

1. Where are you contacting the ball on the club face?
2. What is the flight of your golf ball?

If those two things had limited change over time, than the result of the golf shot would have limited change over time and by definition would be more consistent. Don’t you agree?

SOOOO, if we want to be more consistent off the tee than I think we should take a look at each of these 2 areas.

I will divide these two areas into two separate post, starting with club face contact for this post and sharing the secrets to ball flight in my next post.

Club Face Contact

After analyzing tons of golf swings I’ve discovered that most players do actually strike the ball in a similar place on the club face. Unfortunately, that place isn’t always the center of the club. In my article, “Why Hitting the Sweet Spot is so Important” I take a closer look at what happens when you miss the center of club face and how it can cause a varying amount of results leading to inconsistent performance off the tee.

If golfers routinely hit it in the same place on the club face (not always in the center) and we now understand the importance of hitting it in the center of the club face, we should work towards making regular contact in the center of the face. No kidding Josh, but HOW can I do that?

The first thing I recommend you do is start tracking where you’re making contact on the club face. I actually shot a video (watch here) explaining how I do that for my students.

The next step would be to train yourself to hit shots in different places on the club faces. The drill I love for that is the Strike Point Drill from Andrew Rice. This drill is really tough to execute, but regardless of success you will learn so much and your golf game will improve dramatically.

You may be wondering why I recommend practicing hitting shots not in the center of the club face.  I’ve found this type of practice allows the player to focus on making adjustments in their swing instead of being focused on the end result.  For example if you find that you are always hitting the ball off the heel, than I challenge you to hit some shots off the toe.  What changes to your swing do you need to make?  What does it feel like compared to your normal swing?  Practice like this will give you a better understanding of the golf swing and train you to make adjustments on the golf course.  Having this type of understanding is critical to CONSISTENTLY striking the ball in the center of the club face.

I hope you have a better understanding of club face contact, and have a plan in place to start making contact in the center of the club face.  In the next post of this series I’ll discuss part #2 of being more consistent off the tee – “Understanding the flight of your golf ball” or in other words why does my golf ball curve the way it does?

Click here to check out part 2.

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