Winter Golf Must Be More Fun

After spending hours in the pro shop observing golfers both pre and post round, I have developed some insight into their psyches.  In the interest of small talk, I ask many of our players how they played today.  The answer is almost always “TERRIBLE” or something negative.  How can so many individuals go out day after day and play so badly?  Where is the fun in that?

The winter in Central Ohio has been mild to say the least, and the past couple of days have been a kiss of spring.  As the customers have came through I’ve been asking, “how did you play today?”  The answer has taken a 180 degree turn.  People are playing great and proudly reporting their scores.  More importantly, everyone seems to be really enjoying themselves.  What changed?  The course is in worse condition and most people haven’t even practiced.  It begs the question: is winter golf more fun?

Personally, I do not think that golfing in the winter is more fun, but I do think that the golfer takes a much better mindset to the course.  Most players are just happy to have the opportunity to play and aren’t concerned with how they play.  They are full of hope and promise for their golf games in 2012.  It is really amazing how lower expectations of yourself yields a better performance.  I suggest that you try this year round.  Do not set unrealistic expectations that you can only achieve on your best day.  Set goals that you can achieve and exceed those goals; few things feel better than exceeding your goals.  I invite everyone to give this a try and make the 2012 season full of hope and promise.  Do your best to have fun every time you play. In the meantime, please come visit me at the course and enjoy this wonderful spring preview!

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